Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finally getting back on track.

Well after over a year since graduation, I finally sat down and started gearing together new illustrations.

It finally feels fun and refreshing again, i guess you need a bit of a break after doing it for 4 years straight.

I've done some fiddling around with technique and approach and I've decided to ditch the cold press for hot press and i've decided to avoid using pen all together. I'm doing a series of portraits, currently working on a Woody Allen portrait trying to rebuild and restock my portfolio with new pieces. I was always annoyed how during school they said we could not just do a typical portrait because "No one just wants portraits." However i've seen so many "Just Portraits" in so many magazines by so many illustrators i admire. And while these portrait illustrations wont be HUGELY memorable, they still can be profitable and enjoyable for their simple purpose.

Onto illustrations with more substance. Despite being far less interested in politics than i was several years ago, I'm still most likely going to do one or two on Perry/Cain and the 2012 election. You can't have characters like those nominees and NOT do a few illustrations on them.

Along with editorial, the past year and a half I've been working with middle schoolers and elementary children, so children's books has been popping into my head a little more. I have a few ideas but they still need to be fleshed out before I really start to get involved.

I'll upload the new portraits on here when I get a chance, until then.