Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tony auth workshop

Several weeks ago we had senior workshops and i was lucky enough to have one with the philadelphia inquirer's Tony Auth, political cartoonist and illustrator. After a great presentation of his work and thought process we had to cough up a new yorker cover. We had two weeks to do it, but at the same time didnt, we had promotional work and other pieces due for earl and also had the hanging of the ELYs all packed in between, so unfortunately i wasn't able to get it done in time for today. Tony was nice enough to come back, the only workshop teacher to do so, and have a wall crit.

I decided to do a mother after her son's birthday and the wreckage they leave for her.
I still have to do the floor, which will be packed with tons of toys and garbage, and i still have to do the window with the skyline and a piece of cake sliding down.

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